We increasingly hear arguments advocating for extending Daylight Saving Time year-round in the United States, mostly on an environmental basis: if DST saves energy, why not make it permanent, and thereby reduce national GHG emissions?

To follow up on Sylvie Trottier’s paper on the topic, Ecometrica has now produced an infographic to cover the main arguments of whether or not there is a case for extending Daylight Saving Time.

Click on the infographic to see a larger version:

Extending Daylight Saving Time


  1. I am still a child at heart, and think that the time of the day ought to have a meaning, all things being equal. Noon is when the sun is overhead. But all things aren’t equal: there are good reasons for getting an earlier start to the day in the summer. The honest alternative to extending Daylight Saving Time is simply to eliminate DST, have us stick with standard time, and in the interest of energy savings make a push for things to start earlier in the day.

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