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Access information from satellites and other data sources to build knowledge, manage risks and identify opportunities around the world.

Our Ecosystem (OE) provides a platform for building and sharing mission-critical data projects in many situations globally:

  • Monitoring supply chain impacts and information >
  • Scoping and due diligence on investments in land based assets
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for infrastructure projects and new development
  • Mapping and quantification of resources, impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Demonstrating or checking compliance to environmental legislation or green claims
  • Monitoring changes to vegetation, water and other resources in your areas of interest
  • Disaster response management and evaluation of aid programmes


Why would I use Our Ecosystem?


Our Ecosystem is a platform for deploying apps that give access to interactive spatial data from satellites and other sources. The apps allow easy and rapid generation, sharing and analysis of information applicable to a wide range of situations.

  • Access information derived from satellite sensors, weather stations and many other sources to help your business
  • Wide range of apps available for different sectors and problems
  • Simple to use interface, designed for non expert users, no software to install
  • Great for collaboration and communication
  • Growing community of users around the world
  • Build custom apps to meet your needs
  • Improve usefulness and efficiency of research

What is Our Ecosystem used for?

Our Ecosystem is a powerful communication tool that allows your target audience to interact and engage in new ways. It can streamline the conventional workflow between sub-contractors, investors, operators and regulators, reducing redundancy and resolving communication problems.

Use Our Ecosystem to bring clarity to the problem of contested resources – provide definitive answers using combinations of ground and satellite data, rather than relying on vague estimates. The potential applications for Our Ecosystem include:

Consumer Goods and Retail

- Understand and monitor productivity, environmental change & disruptions in supply chains
- Get evidence and transparency around green claims of suppliers
- Monitor effectiveness of environmental initiatives
- Communicate with suppliers on issues such as water, biodiversity, chemicals, etc
- Provide information to customers and shareholders

Extractive Industries

- Provide transparency and evidence to support assertions on impacts and remediation
- Efficient interaction with stakeholders, regulators and NGOs
- Early warning and monitoring of critical issues such as damage to ecosystems, water table changes, windblow.

Oil and Gas

- Measure and report your impacts on land and ecosystems
- Rapid detection and monitoring of oil spills
- Provide evidence of the effectiveness of restoration and cleanup operations
- Efficient interaction with stakeholders, regulators and NGOs

Bioenergy and Biofuels

- Resource assessment (own areas and competitor areas)
- Evidence for claims of sustainability / responsible stewardship
- Alerts for deforestation and degradation
- Productivity trends
- Efficient sustainability audit


- Map the suitability of varieties and products for different areas
- Monitor performance of varieties
- Communicate suitability with growers
- Build corporate knowledge and insights into improving productivity in a changing climate

Forest Carbon

- Quantification of initial carbon stocks
- Baseline and leakage assessment
- Monitoring and verification

Investors in Land Based Assets

- Improved quality of due diligence
- View historic land use within and around your assets
- Understand productivity and environmental change trends
- Suitability and risk assessments

Our Ecosystem Technology and Support

OE uses advanced proprietary techniques to enable the efficient storing, automated processing and querying of vast quantities of remotely sensed data. These techniques are combined with scaleable web tools to allow efficient and easy interaction by non-expert end users and rapid development and deployment of new apps. Our designers and experts on land use and natural resources can help you through all stages needed to develop and deploy your own apps suitable for your situation.

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