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With over 250 end clients, Our Impacts is the most widely-used sustainability management software service in the world.

Powered by Ecometrica and accredited by the CDP, Our Impacts is trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations and managed by the most experienced greenhouse gas analysts in the business. Meet the Ecometrica team behind Our Impacts on our People page.

Why You Should Try Our Impacts

Other sustainability software can require lots of manual tasks, such as leaving you to set up your account, research your own emission factors from a list of thousands, and perform the calculations yourself. Also, some reporting outputs simply reflect the data you have entered with no quality assurance process, and there are no GHG analysts to help if you get stuck.

Our Impacts intelligently selects and applies the best emission factor for the data you enter and does all the calculations as you go along. Our analysts are heavily involved in the development of the latest GHG accounting standards, so you can be confident that Our Impacts is always up to speed with current best practice.

Core Features of Our Impacts >

Don’t invest time and money in a glorified spreadsheet. Ecometrica’s environmental analysts have completed over a thousand greenhouse gas assessments, and that experience has been distilled into the development of Our Impacts.

Together with our depth and breadth of experience, a key benefit of working with Ecometrica is our independence from the compliance and voluntary offset markets. We do not originate or sell carbon offsets so you can be assured that Our Impacts gives you the information you need to report, manage and reduce your greenhouse gas impacts.

Aggreko“Ecometrica’s combination of expert analysts, intuitive software and integration with our internal systems allowed us to implement a global environmental accounting platform in a relatively straightforward manner. We completed two years’ worth of global GHG accounts within 6 months and are reporting GHG emissions in our annual report one year ahead of our mandatory obligations.”
- Simon Lyons, Director of Marketing & Communications, Aggreko Plc


Audit-Ready Outputs for Mandatory Carbon Reporting

Our Impacts Audit Ready OutputLondon Stock Exchange-listed companies affected by the forthcoming Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013 will be particularly interested in Our Impacts’ audit-ready outputs. With the prospect of having to include all organisational scope one and two GHG emissions in Directors’ Reports from 1st October 2013, it is vital that the correct emission and conversion factors are used to calculate results, or they may not stand up to scrutiny.

Our Impacts takes care of this process as you enter your data, giving you fully audit-ready reports and results in a range of formats at the push of a button. Enter your details below now to get a free demo of Our Impacts:

Our Impacts, Spreadsheets & Other Sustainability Software

Processes & Benefits

Our Impacts


Account Set Up
Experts set up your account
Experts define questions & boundaries

Environmental Data Collection
Experts assist with data collection
Intuitive user interface
Expert-maintained emissions database

Environmental Research
Expert-maintained assumption models
Automatic emission factor selection

Calculate Greenhouse Gases
Automatic GHG emissions calculation

Quality Assurance
Full independent quality assurance
Data quality management tool

Automatic Environmental Reports
Report to major standards, e.g. CDP, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064-1
Account for all three GHG scopes
Account for biogenic emissions
Account for all Kyoto GHGs

Results Analysis
Set reduction targets
Benchmarking & custom KPIs
Custom data analysis, chart generation
Export calculations in Excel format

Don’t take a chance on tools that claim to do everything but don’t do it properly – find out why more people use Our Impacts than any other GHG accounting software.

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