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Is There a Case for Extending Daylight Saving Time?

It’s that time of year again. As we turned back our clocks on November 4th, the prospect of long, dark, and dreary winter evenings caused many of us to ask once again – why is it exactly that we use Daylight Saving Time (DST)?

It seems that ever since this practice began, debate has raged on the potential benefits and disadvantages of the bi-annual ritual. We increasingly hear arguments advocating for extending DST year-round, mostly on an environmental basis: if DST saves energy, why not make it permanent, and thereby reduce national GHG emissions?

The paper “Is There a Case for Extending Daylight Saving Time” takes a closer look at this reasoning. We examine how the complex interactions between electricity use and daylight hours makes it challenging to determine electricity savings from year round DST, and explain why the applied energy mix is in fact the more important factor in terms of GHG emissions.

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Understanding the Changes to CDP Verification Requirements in 2015

As both the number of companies reporting corporate greenhouse gas emissions and the diversity of organizations & applications using these  

November 20, 2014

Capturing Efficiencies by Preparing for Verification Throughout the Assessment Process

Corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting has become more prevalent as industries and governments around the world recognize the need to  

November 18, 2014

Climate Change: Business Risks & Opportunities by Dr Richard Tipper

Ecometrica Chairman Dr. Richard Tipper discusses the business risks and opportunities from climate change. Contents include:

1. Simplistic Carbon Abatement  

November 5, 2014

How Can Donor Funded Forest Programmes Measure Their Impacts In Terms of Avoided Deforestation and Degradation?

The following report, commissioned by UK’s Department for International Development reviews experience and methods for estimating the impacts of donor  

November 4, 2014

Is There a Case for Extending Daylight Saving Time?

It’s that time of year again. As we turned back our clocks on November 4th, the prospect of long, dark,  

November 19, 2012

Green Electricity Purchasing Instruments – Are We Heading for Carbon-Gate?

Green electricity purchasing instruments or tariffs generally involve the sale of environmental attributes associated with electricity generation, such as the  

November 15, 2012

Update and Guidance on Ecometrica’s Normative Biodiversity Metric Methodology

Guidance on how Normative Biodiversity Metric assessments can be carried out on Ecometrica's Our Ecosystem software.

September 17, 2012

Greenhouse Gases, CO2, CO2e, and Carbon: What Do All These Terms Mean?

There are lots of terms that get used in our industry, such as “greenhouse gases”, “CO2“, “CO2e”, and “carbon”, and  

September 4, 2012

The Importance of Additionality for Accurate and Relevant Scope 2 Accounting

4 simple examples to illustrate why additionality is essential if contracted renewable electricity is counted as zero in scope 2 inventories

August 15, 2012