About Ecometrica

Experts in Climate Metrics for Over 15 Years

Since 2008 we have been enabling businesses and governments to accurately and transparently calculate their climate impact, to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and build resilience for the future.

Our Story

Since we were founded in 2008, we have been named as one of the world’s top Sustainability brands. Established by Dr Richard Tipper MBE (a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his contribution to the 2007 IPCC report) Gary Davis and Bertrand Revenaz to enable business, government and society to reach their sustainability goals, transition to a low carbon economy and build resilience.

We are a three-time Financial Times 1000 and Deloitte Fast 500 company (2017-19), an FT Future 100 and Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 company (both 2018), an Inc Magazine 5000 company (2017) and are also five-time Environmental Leader Product of the Year award winners (2016-22).

Our Mission

Our minds are always on the future. The impact we are all having on the climate and the climate’s impact on us. How we can best measure, predict and prepare for the future. And because we have been doing this for decades, we have the data to know that our numbers and predictions are accurate.

We know what companies need to report on, what needs to be measured, what needs to be monitored – to protect their company’s future as well as the planet’s. Our solution is future proof. And this proof will enable us to protect all of our futures.

Our Solutions

Accurately measure your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and global climate impact incorporating scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions

Our software provides audit-ready reports set up for CDP, TCFD, SECR, PPN06/21 and future SEC legislation

Our deforestation risk assessment tool uses satellite data to monitor key commodity crops to monitor supplier and sourcing areas for compliance


Gary Davis

With over 20 years experience in sustainability accounting, our CEO, Gary co-founded Ecometrica in 2008. He was involved in the design of industry standards having advised on the development of the PAS2050 product standard, the Carbon Trust Standard and has been on UK Government working groups for biofuel greenhouse gas accounting.


Our Chief Product Officer has spent decades working with companies in the financial, energy, agricultural and publishing sectors on greenhouse gas assessments and management as well as working for the World Bank on sustainable development in Eastern Europe, focusing on the development of IT systems to improve environmental decision making. He graduated with a Masters degree in Atmospheric Sciences from McGill University.

Dr Richard
Tipper MBE

Our Chairman, Richard, was a Lead Author on two IPCC reports (for which his work was recognised as a contribution to the Nobel Peace Prize) and was part of the management team for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s initiatives on greenhouse gas accounting for organisations and projects. He has worked as a science and policy adviser on climate change issues for major businesses, international organisations and governments.

Vanessa Boudreau-Sannier

Our North America CEO, Vanessa has over 15 years of experience in sustainability and climate change, having worked as a researcher on corporate sustainability practices before joining Ecometrica in 2009 where she provided services and helped design our greenhouse emissions accounting and sustainability reporting tool. Vanessa participated in the review and design of several sustainability frameworks and climate change standards, including as a member of ISO Technical Committees on Climate Change.


Our Chief Operating Officer, Sarah, has worked at Ecometrica since 2014 where she came in to manage the space programme. She worked on Forest2020, funded by the UK Space Agency, to help protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests by improving forest monitoring in six partner countries through advanced uses of satellite data. At Ecometrica, Sarah brings together her expertise in global supply chain mapping with her sustainability knowledge to offer clients exceptional sustainability reporting products and services.

Working at Ecometrica

Ecometrica is a team of the most recognised analysts, developers and leaders in the world of sustainability, mapping and business intelligence. We work with governments and multi-national businesses, contribute to the formation of international standards, and build innovative, award-winning software. We are a rapidly growing tech company, and a Global Sustainability Brand Leader.

Our experience is unrivalled, and when we add to our team, we only hire the best. Our environment encourages critical thinking and careful interpretation of data and assumptions. Our career opportunities are highly sought after, so if you think you’re ready to join us, please visit our careers page.

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