It so happened that three consultants working on sustainability and business matters came together to build something great...


The three worked together at the same firm. The wider market had plenty of potential, but was generally not responsive to new ideas. So they worked diligently at their various tasks all the while growing increasingly frustrated as progress on addressing environmental problems continued to be hampered by a lack of trust, a lack of transparency, poor organisation, ineffective collaboration and rampant misinformation.

They felt that bringing new technologies to market and setting new standards and approaches to serving customers could make things better, faster and more effective. So, in 2008, they set up a new business called Ecometrica.

Ecometrica Platform

Through Ecometrica, they finally found an avenue to bring their skills and vision to bear to create clarity, reduce drudgery, repetition and waste, make collaboration more effective, and get things done faster. Their passion to get things done right, at the right time, and for the right clients has set them on a unique path.

Soon, the three were joined by talented analysts, programmers and administrators. Ecometrica attracted financing and generated interest from partners and clients alike. Together they leveraged this interest and established collaborating relationships with scientists and leading companies, NGOs and thinkers.The decades ahead are going to be challenging as businesses, governments and communities struggle to achieve economic development in the face of environmental change.

Ecometrica will provide clarity and illumination. Our goal is not to tell you what to do, but to provide you with the best information so that you can decide which direction is right for your own organisation. We are there to help you build knowledge and capacity, manage relationships, and navigate difficult times.

Because of our values we naturally make the best software and information products in the sector. Your future in these changing times doesn’t need to be uncertain, we will arm you with the best and help you catalyse change.

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