The 21st UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change – or COP21 – is running in Paris from November 30 to December 11. But how is this Conference different from previous events, and what will a global climate change agreement mean for the private sector? 

Below is an infographic on some of the key commitments that have already been put forward by countries and territories in advance of COP21, along with a breakdown of the main business impacts, and what companies can do to prepare for the outcomes of the conference.

COP21 Infographic

Click on the image for a larger version.

For more detailed information on COP21, what it’s all about and what it means for private sector companies, you can download our free paper below, entitled Paris Climate Conference: What’s at stake for businesses at the COP21?

Authored by Sandy Gain, Climate Change Analyst at Ecometrica, the paper goes into further detail about what’s at stake for businesses, gives some great examples of existing corporate projects, and explains how a new CDP framework can help businesses move towards a low-carbon economy.

Use the link below to download the paper:


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