BioCarbon Tracker Featured in Sunday Times Supplement

Jan 19, 2011

BioCarbon Tracker, the advanced ecosystem mapping platform for identifying global vegetation at risk from land use change, has been featured on a full-page article in the Sunday Times Supplement. In it, Greenergy Executive Chairman Andrew Owens and Ecometrica Managing Director Richard Tipper discuss the notion of “corporate social responsibility”, the benefits of BioCarbon Tracker and plans for the future of the software.

Read the article in full by using the link at the bottom of this page.

BioCarbon Tracker uses satellite data and advanced methods to map the ecosystems where biocarbon is stored, identify vegetation at risk from land use change and monitor where high biocarbon stock land such as forest is converted to agriculture.

Greenergy used Ecometrica’s expertise in land use and remote sensing, combined with our advanced web mapping technology to deliver BioCarbon Tracker. Ecometrica developed data layers within BioCarbon Tracker with help from researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

Speaking on the project, Ecometrica senior analyst Dr Nicholas Berry said, “BioCarbon Tracker is an innovative tool that should support decision making by firms within agricultural supply chains, by investors and by policy makers”.

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