Corporate Sustainability Reporting

The Ecometrica Platform’s Sustainability Reporting suite provides a number of scalable options to suit the needs of both established and growing businesses.

Standard Reporting to Environmental Frameworks

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There is built-in sustainability reporting for ten established environmental standards and frameworks, such as CDP, GHG Protocol and DJSI. These reporting options come as standard with every version of the Ecometrica Platform’s Sustainability modules. Simply choose the standards you want to report to at the start of your assessment, and our modules will ask you the right questions to give you the answers you need.


The Platform also provides you with customised sustainability reporting through analytics, dashboards and spreadsheet download. Fully flexible to suit your needs, Analytics can be used to dive into your data and create charts and maps that can you can either export as images for external reporting, add to a custom dashboard within the Ecometrica Platform, or embed on your company website or intranet with live updates.


Alongside the Platform’s built-in results, Ecometrica can also provide you with a library of enhanced reports to help you with your internal and external corporate communications. We have years of experience producing high-quality sustainability reports, booklets, infographics and other design-rich print and digital content for our partners, our clients, and ourselves.

Why Ecometrica?

We are recognised experts in sustainability reporting, and have been named as one of the world’s top Sustainability and EH&S brands by industry analyst Verdantix. The Ecometrica Platform helps our clients measure their end-to-end environmental impacts, from local sustainability reporting initiatives to supply chain accounting and earth observation projects. 

We’ve also won a load of awards, as you can see.

Ecometrica is the only company that combines geospatial mapping and earth observation technology with traditional environmental accounting for a total organisational sustainability picture, all within a single platform that can be easily controlled by non‐expert users.

We are here to help you build knowledge and capacity, manage relationships, and navigate difficult times.

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