Knowing how much you’ve spent is enough to produce sustainability reports.
Ecometrica Sustainability

You don’t need to be a GHG accounting expert to create a CSR report – you can use the data that your business already gathers. Essentially, decent financial accounting is all you need to create a sustainability report. It’s as simple as knowing what you’ve spent on the things you want to track, like energy, paper use or business travel.

Spend Module

Don’t invest time and money in a glorified spreadsheet

Clever conversion factors in our Spend module allow you to simply enter the amount you’ve spent on bills rather than more complex units that might not be readily at hand. From there, we can estimate your consumption values geographically, then convert them into a full environmental report.

Track amounts spent on various emissions sources
Upload full invoicing details for increased accuracy
Use Analytics to compare costs against spend targets
Create forecasts and new targets for forthcoming years
Quantify cost savings as a direct result of emissions reductions – great for calculating ROI

No other platform can make all these claims, so don't settle for less

Our Sustainability modules are the starting point for any businesses that simply wants to do better.

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