How Organizations Can Use Target Setting To Best Address The Climate Crisis.

With increasing pressures from investors and the public, organizations are beginning to go one step beyond greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting by developing organizational-level emissions targets in line with climate science. By taking this step, organizations are showing their understanding of the need to contribute to global mitigation efforts in order avoid dangerous levels of global […]

From Forest to Market: Cocoa and Deforestation in the Value Chain

We’re delighted to bring you the first commodity-specific paper in our Forest to Market series, a brand new, original look at the challenges and opportunities that come with managing the sustainability of forests and soft commodities in your supply chain. Our first paper will focus specifically on Cocoa. Deforestation due to cocoa production continues to […]

Understanding the Changes to CDP Verification Requirements in 2015

As both the number of companies reporting corporate greenhouse gas emissions and the diversity of organizations & applications using these results increase, the need for independent verification of the data and systems underlying GHG assessments becomes substantially more important. The primary objective for most companies engaging a third-party verifier is to convey a higher degree of confidence […]

Capturing Efficiencies by Preparing for Verification Throughout the Assessment Process

Corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting has become more prevalent as industries and governments around the world recognize the need to integrate comprehensive emissions data into business, policy and investment decisions. The International Organization for Standardization defines verification as the “systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas assertion against agreed verification […]

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