Ecometrica Converts Geospatial Data Into Corporate Insights – Verdantix

Jul 2, 2012

Increasing scarcity of natural resources has become a material risk for firms with a vertically integrated supply chain. Yet few firms truly understand the holistic impacts of their business operations on land use and natural resources or the future availability of essential raw materials for production.

A new Verdantix report helps Chief Sustainability Officers, Supply Chain Managers and Risk Directors understand Ecometrica’s Our Ecosystem, a new tool designed to provide reliable data that can be used as the basis for corporate decisions, plans and policies on the use and management of land and natural resources. Ecometrica’s proposition for Our Ecosystem focuses on the tool’s ability to plot complex geospatial datasets into a multi-layered, cloud-based mapping platform that can be used by non-GIS experts to provide insights that support corporate environmental decision-making.

Verdantix research identifies three main usage scenarios for a sustainable business software tool such as Our Ecosystem: reducing supply chain and operational risks, supporting environmental claims and responding to emerging biodiversity regulations.

Verdantix clients can click here to download the report now, or register for the Verdantix knowledge service. Alternatively, you can browse the Ecometrica website to learn more about Our Ecosystem.

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