A demonstration application to develop an effective interaction with which to view, interact with and interrogate the model output from CARDAMOM, a data-driven Carbon cycle model. Developed by the University of Edinburgh on their EO Lab, supported by the UK Space Agency.



The Amazon rainforest is a critical component of the Earth system, playing a major role in both regional and global climate and biogeochemical cycles.  The forest footprint covers an estimated 5.3 million square kilometres of humid, lowland tropical forest, accounting for ~40% of global tropical forests by area.  Carbon storage in Amazonia’s forest biomass is estimated at ~100 billion tonnes, equivalent to around 10 years of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The region is presently under stress from the coupled impacts of climate change and deforestation.  Understanding the how these pressures will impact on the fate of the forest, and the carbon it sequesters, remains a challenge of paramount importance.

Modeling the Amazon C-cycle with CARDAMOM

Satellite observations of deforestation across the Amazon Rainforest have been undertaken for the past couple of decades.  The University of Edinburgh explore the impact of this deforestation on the Amazon C-cycle using a C-cycle model, CARDAMOM.  This model assimilates this satellite data, alongside other observations of climate and forest properties, and uses them to assess how the forest carbon stocks have changed through time.  You can explore the results of this analysis in this application.

This application was produced with support from the UK Space Agency as part of a collaborative project with Ecometrica under the International Partnerships Space Programme (IPSP). The project aimed to advance the application of EO in forests in Mexico and Brazil.

The application is managed by the University of Edinburgh on the university’s EO Lab. The EO Lab is a geospatial content sharing platform which enables businesses, governments and research institutes to develop and manage their own spatial applications.

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