Brings together data on forest cover and land use change, deforestation, and geomorphology for Marques de Comillas.


Marqués de Comillas the Eastern subregion of the Lacandon Jungle, the area is about 2000km2. Of which, according to INEGI data, 2011 is 42% jungle primary and secondary tree.

This zone has had alarming changes in forest cover in history, according to Castillo, 2009; in 19 years it has lost 48% of its forests for the year 1986, that as a result of colonization beginning in 1970 which promoted conversion to agriculture. However, it still maintains important fragments of compact jungle good ecological quality (Carabias et al. 2008, 2010)

According Carabias et al., 2012 “The change in land use has caused severe damage to the natural environment of the region, especially by the use of fire in the slash and burn, which in addition to the loss of biodiversity generates gases greenhouse effect. The forests have a key to addressing the effects of global climate change (Karousakis 2009) especially tropical forests, because in them much of the global carbon from terrestrial ecosystems is stored (UNEP – WCMC 2008)

Therefore Marqués de Comillas is an area of great interest within forests, land use change and GHG emissions.

This application was produced with support from the UK Space Agency as part of a collaborative project with Ecometrica under the International Partnerships Space Programme (IPSP). The project aimed to advance the application of EO in forests in Mexico and Brazil.

The application is managed by ECOSUR on the ECOSUR EO Lab. The EO Lab is a geospatial content sharing platform which enables businesses, governments and research institutes to develop and manage their own spatial applications.

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