This application presents geographical information for monitoring forest resources in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. It was developed by ECOSUR on their EO Lab, supported by the UK Space Agency.


This application brings together earth observation and other spatial data related to forest resources and change monitoring in Chiapas, Mexico. The aim of this application is to provide information about areas of forest, the risks to those forests and the historic and ongoing losses and changes with them.

An important part of this effort is to collate and understand the quality and availability of data needed to improve our understanding of the forest resources in Chiapas.

This application was produced with support from the UK Space Agency as part of a collaborative project with Ecometrica under the International Partnerships Space Programme (IPSP). The project aimed to advance the application of EO in forests in Mexico and Brazil.

The application is managed by ECOSUR on the ECOSUR EO Lab. The EO Lab is a geospatial content sharing platform which enables businesses, governments and research institutes to develop and manage their own spatial applications.

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