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How to Minimise the Rebound Effect

The rebound effect occurs when some pro-environmental activity results in some environmental harm which partly or wholly cancels out the initial environmental benefit, and this paper explores how to minimise it.

DfT Report: Regional Level Actions to Avoid ILUC

This report, authored by Ecometrica and commissioned by the Department for Transport (DfT), considers the potential to reduce the risk of ILUC by actions taken at a regional level, for example by a region with a country, a national government or an international body such as the European Union.

Ecometrica Response to Mandatory GHG Reporting Consultation

The UK government and devolved administrations have established action on climate change as a key priority. Greater progress can be made if GHG emissions are accepted as a fiduciary responsibility of companies and other organisations. Ecometrica supports a broad mandate in order to promote the idea of fiduciary responsibility on GHG emissions as widely as possible, and discusses this within the summary response below. A full consultation response is to be released shortly.