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Climate Change Controversy in California: Effects of Prop 23 on AB 32 and Arguments in Support of AB 32 (Part II of II)

Several weeks ago, I posted a detailed overview of AB32 and Proposition 23 in anticipation of the approaching California Gubernatorial Election. With Election Day itself – November 2, 2010 – now just one day away, I am posting again with the hope of raising some last-minute awareness and increasing knowledge on one of the most controversial ballot propositions of the 2010 US gubernatorial elections: Proposition 23.

UK’s Adaptation Sub-Committee Publishes it’s First National Assessment

The first report of the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change was published today, September 16, 2010. The report, entitled "How well prepared is the UK for climate change?", is the first national assessment of country-wide preparedness and progress on adaptation to climate change.

Climate Change Controversy in California: A Summary of California Climate Bill AB 32 and Ballot Proposition 23 (Part I of II)

Tensions are steadily mounting in advance of California’s November 2010 general election as the state’s landmark climate bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act, or AB 32, faces possible suspension by the California Jobs Initiative. This posting will be done in two sections. In this post, I have done up a brief background of relevant emissions data and California legislation preceding AB 32 and Prop 23, as well as a summary of the two bills. The second post focuses on the direct and indirect effects of Proposition 23 on AB 32 if the former were to be passed, and my arguments in favour of AB 32.

Green Tariffs

There has been confusion about whether purchasing green tariff electricity entitles the purchaser to claim zero or low emissions from their ...

EU Emissions Trading Scheme

The EU has taken a decision to improve and extend the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The European Commission proposed a series of changes to ...

UK Climate Change Act

A summary by Ecometrica of the UK Climate Change Act that became law on 26 November 2008.