2 02, 2015

Understanding the Changes to Global Warming Potential (GWP) Values

2023-01-14T19:44:12+00:00February 2, 2015|Insights, White Papers|

Media coverage of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s latest Synthesis Report rightly focused on its unprecedentedly dire warnings about climate change and the actions required to mitigate the worst of its effects, including the recommended phase out of fossil fuels by 2100. One aspect of the Fifth Assessment [...]

20 11, 2014

Understanding the Changes to CDP Verification Requirements in 2015

2023-01-14T20:07:19+00:00November 20, 2014|White Papers|

As both the number of companies reporting corporate greenhouse gas emissions and the diversity of organizations & applications using these results increase, the need for independent verification of the data and systems underlying GHG assessments becomes substantially more important. The primary objective for most companies engaging a third-party verifier is to convey [...]

18 11, 2014

Expert Tips to Streamline the Verification Process

2023-01-14T20:08:47+00:00November 18, 2014|White Papers|

Verification is a key step in the assessment process, providing the dual benefits of increased stakeholder confidence in assessment results and valuable feedback on internal data management & measurement processes. In recent years, the number of mandatory and voluntary programs requiring or rewarding third-party assurance has increased, and as a [...]

4 11, 2014

How Can Donor Funded Forest Programmes Measure Their Impacts In Terms of Avoided Deforestation and Degradation?

2023-01-14T20:14:16+00:00November 4, 2014|White Papers|

The following report, commissioned by UK's Department for International Development reviews experience and methods for estimating the impacts of donor funded forestry programmes to reduce deforestation and degradation. It recommends the adoption of risk based methods and spatial data products for practical, consistent, repeatable and insightful reporting. The report by [...]

15 01, 2013

Improvements to Greenhouse Gas Accounting – the Impact of Ecometrica Publications So Far

2023-01-14T21:10:06+00:00January 15, 2013|Insights, White Papers|

Ecometrica Publications exists to disseminate ideas and methods related to Ecometrica’s expertise in greenhouse gas accounting, and spatial data analysis. We have produced a number of papers now with suggested improvements in the field of greenhouse gas accounting, and it is interesting to look back at the impact we’ve had [...]

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