FAQ: How can a small business become carbon neutral?

There are a number of ways small businesses can become carbon neutral, striving to achieve this through realistic and manageable actions. Here are some small steps Ecometrica have put together to help small businesses become carbon neutral:

1. Conduct an energy audit to identify areas for improvement and potential emissions reduction opportunities.

2. Implement energy-saving measures such as improving and installing more efficient insulation, switching to LED lighting options, and upgrading equipment to more energy-efficient models.

3. Measure the amount of carbon emissions your business operations and supply chain produces, including transportation and waste management – these are sometimes referred to as scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions. For help understanding your business emissions and for guidance on how to reduce these, contact Ecometrica to speak to our expert team.

4. Implement strategies to reduce emissions, such as using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

5. Counteract remaining emissions by purchasing carbon credits or supporting renewable energy projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

6. Regularly monitor and report on progress, set new goals, and make further improvements over time to ensure your business is moving towards a carbon neutral future.