FAQ: What does impact report mean?

An Impact report focuses on understanding and recording an organisation’s social, environmental and economic impact. The objective of the report is to provide stakeholders with information on the tangible results and outcomes of an organisation’s operations and activities, demonstrating its impact on people, communities and the environment. Impact reporting typically reflects the progress that an organisation is making towards specific sustainability goals, the outcomes and results of their sustainability initiatives. An Impact report can also include information on the sustainability performance of the supply chain and other business partners. Impact reporting is becoming increasingly important as organisations seek to demonstrate the positive benefits of their sustainability efforts, providing stakeholders with more comprehensive information on their sustainability performance. By tracking and reporting their impact, organisations can show their progress towards sustainability goals, reducing their environmental and social impact. Impact reporting is a key area of sustainability reporting and is often used in combination with other forms of reporting, such as sustainability reports, integrated reports, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports.