Bringing Clarity To Climate Accounting – S1E4

In this episode, Adrian Smith talks to Dr Matthew Brander, a Senior Lecturer in Carbon Accounting at University of Edinburgh Business School, who has participated in the development of numerous standards in GHG accounting. They discuss Market-Based Accounting and the revision of the GHG Protocol and also talk about temporary carbon storage.

Should market-based accounting be allowed to continue as it can lead to inaccuracies in carbon accounting? Should companies be allowed to report the reduction in emissions they are actually responsible for or be credited for generating surplus renewable energy?

The GHG Protocol is looking at revisions to its Scope 2 guidance but is likely to take a couple of years. A proportion of all C02 produced exists in the atmosphere for 10,000 years so a permanent carbon storage would need to be for at least that long. Anything less than that is considered temporary. They discuss options for permanent storage and the current best options for off-setting emissions.

Finally, you can find the link to studying for a Masters in Climate Finance here:

Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Date Published: July 25, 2023



This series of interviews is perfect for anyone in Accounts or anyone who is looking to understand more about climate reporting.


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