CDP, GRI and DJSI Alignment Good News for Voluntary Reporting Companies

In June 2013, CDP and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) announced that they are aligning areas of their reporting frameworks that will make it easier for responding companies to produce their sustainability management reports.

The two outfits have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together and promote the harmonisation and clarification of corporate sustainability reporting guidelines, standards and frameworks. More information can be found here:

This follows on from March’s announcement by RobecoSAM, the company behind the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), which announced that it will ask public companies the same climate change questions as those developed over the past decade by CDP.

These alignments are an important step toward global standardisation of how firms disclose their environmental impacts. Reporting is slowly shifting from voluntary to mandatory, and many private firms – along with SMEs and companies not currently affected by regulation – are taking preparatory action. Almost ten times as many companies are reporting to the GRI as there were in 2004, for example.

The good news for companies planning on reporting to these voluntary frameworks is that Ecometrica Sustainability is not only accredited by CDP and GRI, but can produce CDP-compliant reports at the click of a button – so it’s never been easier, or more robust, to report to CDP, GRI or DJSI.

Ecometrica Sustainability supports voluntary reporting to CDP, GRI and DJSI as standard

Contact Ecometrica today to find out more about how you can streamline your sustainability management and improve your disclosures to voluntary reporting schemes.

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Date Published: June 11, 2013



In June 2013, CDP and […]


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