Climate data: what businesses need to know for the future

Dr Richard Tipper has blogged for The Guardian about the effects of climatic trends on supply chains.

Richard discusses how a changing climate can affect the growth of crops, impacting on the sort of commodities we all take for granted such as tea, coffee or cocoa, and even going as far as to potentially make current production areas unsuitable for growth within the next 20-30 years. However, climate change is not the only factor in play, as Richard goes on to discuss socio-economic changes such as human migration and lack of financial investment into commodity production.

However, Richard also presents evidence of how some groups and organisations are responding, and suggests that recent innovations in understanding and interpreting climate data – such as Ecometrica’s Our Ecosystem platform – can help to manage and overcome some of these challenges.

You can read the full blog on the Guardian website using the link below:

Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Date Published: March 7, 2013



Dr Richard Tipper has blogged […]


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