CDP Update: 2021 Disclosure Cycle Timelines Now Available

In advance of the CDP Online Response System (CDP ORS) going live next week we’ve summarised the CDP 2021 disclosure cycle below.

2021 Disclosure Cycle 

March 2021 – 2021 questionnaires guidance and scoring methodologies are now available on the CDP website.

April 2021 – Online Response System (ORS) will open on April 12th, 2021.

July 2021 – Companies must submit their responses to investors and/or customers using the ORS by July 28th, 2021 to be eligible for scoring and inclusion in reports (where applicable).

End of 2021 – 2021 scores will be available by the end of 2021.


Further dates for the 2021 Disclosure Cycle and publication of results will be made available on the CDP website later in the year.

CDP have kept the changes to the questionnaires to a minimum for the 2021 disclosure process This includes the addition of three questions to the Climate Change questionnaire and one question to the both the Forests and Water Security questionnaires.

This includes newly added questions around the intended publication of a low-carbon transition plan in the year ahead, due to the increased numbers in net-zero and low-carbon business commitments and targets.

Equally we are aware of a few modified questions around science-based targets and company performance. Over 1000 companies are currently engaged with SBTi helping to lower their emissions, making these changes more relevant.

Ecometrica’s CDP Score Optimisation And Response Service

CDP’s voluntary disclosure schemes are amongst the most notable and credible sustainability reporting initiatives, which is why Ecometrica has been a CDP Gold Software Partner since 2013. Along with providing award-winning software for organisations to record, manage and report sustainability metrics simply and efficiently, Ecometrica is able to offer consulting support for the qualitative elements of CDP and related reporting schemes. We act as an expert third party to review your disclosure before submission, a service designed to improve completeness of disclosure and review the quality of reporting, resulting in a higher CDP score and ranking.

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Date Published: April 8, 2021



In advance of the CDP Online Response System (CDP ORS) going live next week we’ve summarised the CDP 2021 disclosure cycle.


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