CDP Verification Requirements Will Change in 2015

As the number of companies reporting corporate greenhouse gas emissions and the diversity of organizations & applications using these results both increase, the need for independent verification of the data and systems underlying GHG assessments becomes substantially more important. Recognizing this progression, the CDP announced upcoming changes to the verification questions of their climate change questionnaire. This move follows an open consultation period with stakeholders in the summer of 2013, to which Ecometrica contributed.

Beginning in 2015, the structure and weighting of CDP verification questions related to Scope 1 and 2 emission sources will change substantially compared to the 2011 – 2014 questionnaires. For starters, companies will need to meet or surpass a set verification threshold in order to be eligible for full points associated with verification; partial points will be given to organizations whose verification activities fall below the threshold or do not meet the established criteria. Also of note is that inclusion within the CDP’s Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) will be contingent upon the successful completion of Scope 1 and 2 verification questions, a move that furthers the business case for assurance by linking it with top performance.

Ecometrica reviewed the available information and produced a clear summary of the current landscape and upcoming changes in a new publication, “Understanding the changes to CDP verification requirements and scoring in 2015”. Read the full publication here, and ensure that your company understands the upcoming changes and is prepared for successful CDP submission in 2015.

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Date Published: November 20, 2014



As the number of companies […]


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