Ecometrica delivers technical Forests 2020 EO Lab training at CONAFOR in Mexico

Jalisco, Mexico, 2nd August 2017: Ecometrica and CONAFOR, the Mexican National Forestry Commission, have completed a key technical training workshop as part of the Forests 2020 project. The workshop was convened by CONAFOR and Ecometrica, with the support of the UK Space Agency and the participation of local partners Pronatura Sur A.C., AMBIO, ECOSUR, FIPRODEFO and SEMADET of Jalisco.

Forests 2020, led by Ecometrica, has supported a significant investment for the protection and restoration of up to 300 million hectares of tropical forest through improvements in forest monitoring in 6 countries – Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ghana and Kenya – through the advanced use of satellites.

The project will also bring together some of the leading experts of the UK in forest monitoring, from the Universities of Edinburgh and Leicester, and Carbomap.

One of the objectives of the project is to establish digital infrastructure to assist the processing of satellite data and the derived information for the final user. The training, which took place in Jalisco at the start of August, was held so that administrators of the Ecometrica Platform in Mexico can develop applications and upload their own data for the establishment and use of the EO Labs in the Virtual Excellence Centre of Forest Monitoring.

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The instructors, Jil Bournazel and Nina Moffat from Ecometrica’s head office in Edinburgh, led the workshop along with GIS and spatial land analysis specialists from Forests 2020 project partner organizations in Mexico. The workshop enabled participants to upload their own data and develop their own applications, some of which can be visualised on Ecometrica EO Labs – hosted by CEVMF.

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Date Published: August 2, 2017



Jalisco, Mexico, 2nd August 2017: Ecometrica […]


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