Ecometrica Launches Trace to Source

Ecometrica is pleased to announce the release of Trace to Source, a software platform that enables products to be traced all the way back through the supply chain to the farm, forest, mine or other source from which they originated.

Products, like wood, minerals, coffee or water for example, are tracked with environmental certificates, which verify their origins and show the source area on a map. From within the Trace to Source interface, relevant environmental information about these products can be accessed quickly and easily by querying the source area.

Trace to Source has been adopted by the Natural Forest Standard (NFS) – a programme that certifies the protection of natural forests at risk of deforestation. Carbon credits from the NFS are issued to Trace to Source, which acts as an environmental registry – tracking the ownership of certificates at every stage, preventing double counting and executing transactions.

By linking certificates to specific source areas and allowing them to be displayed and queried by non-expert users, Trace to Source provides a more robust solution than alternative, non-spatial registries.

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Date Published: January 27, 2014



Ecometrica is pleased to announce […]


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