Ecometrica Named as Global Sustainability Brand Leader

Ecometrica Named Global Sustainability Brand Leader

Recent research from independent analyst firm Verdantix lists Ecometrica as one of the top sustainability brands in the world, ranking alongside the likes of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.

Ecometrica is also listed in the world’s top twelve most recognisable specialist software suppliers, with a brand awareness score of around 41%. Commentary within the research asserts that “these are impressive results given that the 250 members in the survey panel are located in 13 countries.”

Purchasers of environmental accounting software are more savvy, intelligent and discerning with their choice of platform than ever before. While spreadsheets and in-house databases are still popular with many large corporates, Ecometrica’s Ecometrica Sustainability remains one of the most widely-used environmental accounting software services in the world – and it’s not hard to see why.

Other sustainability management software and in-house tools leave you with lots of manual tasks, such as setting up your account, researching and selecting emission factors, and performing the calculations yourself. Also, other reporting outputs simply reflect the data you have entered with no quality assurance process or guarantees of auditability, and there are no expert analysts to help if you get stuck.

Ecometrica Sustainability intelligently selects and applies the best emission factors for the data you enter and does all the calculations as you go along. Our analysts are heavily involved in the development of the latest environmental accounting standards, and we’re always up to speed with current best practice.

Plus, Ecometrica Sustainability is the only sustainability management tool with assured audit-ready outputs. Getting your reports ready for audit will cost tens of thousands of pounds with other software – but not with Ecometrica Sustainability.

The full research report can be found using the link below:

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Date Published: March 21, 2013



Recent research from independent analyst […]


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