Ecometrica Sustainability Reporting Platform Updates: Q1, 2018


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We want to tell you about our recent work on the Ecometrica Platform. We are always adding new features, updates and fixes to ensure the Ecometrica Sustainability Platform offers the best possible functionality and usability.

This is the first post to show what we’ve been working on. We are aiming to post an update email similar to this every quarter, so please do let us know what you think!


Sustainability Platform Updates

  • GHG Protocol reports are now available in multiple languages.
  • We have completed the move to our new single sign-on server for the Ecometrica Platform suite of apps. You have probably noticed the new login page, and if you use more than one of our applications (for instance one of the Ecometrica Mapping modules as well as the Sustainability Reporting Platform) you will only need to log in once.
  • The Global Warming Potential tables in the GHG Protocol reports has been improved for clients using the IPCC’s AR5 GWPs.
  • Querying financial year data in Business Intelligence has been improved and expanded, allowing for financial years to start on any date during the year.


Did you know?

The Ecometrica Sustainability Platform is available in five languages that are regularly updated to include any new terminology added to questions. Languages available include:

English, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Portuguese.


Emission Factor Updates

We are constantly updating our emission factor and assumption database from a range of published sources. On top of the frequent updates to account for currency and price fluctuations, below is a selection of some of the bigger updates we have completed since October 2017:

  • We have derived our own CO2 electricity factors for all countries from International Energy Agency statistics and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emission factors, updated the CH4 and N2O per kWh factors, and T&D loss factors.
  • Added BEIS hotel factors for available countries.
  • Updated Australia National greenhouse gas factors.
  • Added new 2017 energy prices from the UK for electricity and gas.
  • Updated and added many new Swedish district heating factors, adding to our impressive database of Scandinavian specific factors.


If you want to know any more details about any of the new factors, ask your analyst!

If you have any questions on the points above, comments on the Ecometrica Platform, or think that others in your organisation would also like to receive details of updates to the Ecometrica Platform, please do get in touch.

You can leave a comment in the section below, contact your account manager directly, or contact your nearest Ecometrica office from our website >

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Date Published: April 30, 2018



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