Environmental Key Performance Indicators: Ecometrica’s Response to Defra

Ecometrica has responded to the Defra consultation on Environmental Key Performance Indicators. The response has been compiled by Ecometrica’s Biodiversity Analyst David Jarrett and Senior Analyst Matthew Brander.

Ecometrica welcomes the draft Guidelines on Environmental Key Performance Indicators, and the opportunity to provide feedback on their content.

Ecometrica are in support of encouraging companies to report quantitatively on environmental performance. However we recommend that a restructuring and refocusing of the guidelines is necessary before they could be used effectively by businesses, particularly regarding the integration of impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services into the framework. There would also be significant benefits from aligning the framework with the GHG protocol for reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

To read the full Ecometrica response, please use the link below:

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Date Published: October 16, 2012



Ecometrica has responded to the […]


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