Securing Investments in Forest Monitoring and Protection

The development of non-market valuation studies and forest protection policies in Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico.

Monitoring and protection are essential for the conservation and governance of national forest resources and all the benefits that flow from these ecosystems.

This document examines the ways in which economic and political cases have been made for establishing and maintaining the institutional and technical capacity for forest monitoring and protection functions in six developing countries with important forest resources; Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ghana and Kenya. The printed report is a summary of six more detailed case studies carried out as desk based research.

This study was commissioned as part of Forests 2020, a £14.2m project funded by the the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme. Forests 2020 aims to improve national forest monitoring systems in these six countries. An essential component of the project is ensuring that improvements to national capabilities are consolidated and sustained within long-term institutional functions and capacity. It is therefore important to understand the underlying economic and political drivers behind the resource allocation to these functions. The information from this report is being used to inform the choices and adoption pathways for forest monitoring technologies being developed through Forests 2020.

The International Partnership Programme (IPP) is a five year, £152 million programme run by the UK Space Agency. IPP focuses strongly on using the UK space sector’s research and innovation strengths to deliver a sustainable economic or societal benefit to emerging and developing economies around the world.

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Date Published: June 27, 2018



The development of non-market valuation […]


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