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Sustainability Navigator

In 2023, many companies struggle to keep on top of the seemingly constant flood of new sustainability reporting frameworks and regulations. Multinational businesses are particularly affected, as regulations and eligibility criteria typically vary by jurisdiction. In navigating the complex landscape of these frameworks, it can be difficult for an organisation to understand what regulations they are required to comply with. To help resolve this problem, Ecometrica has developed and launched the Sustainability Navigator tool, with the aim of bringing clarity to the sustainability reporting landscape.

This new free tool, available on the Ecometrica website, takes respondents through a series of questions based on various aspects of their business, such as whether their organisation has subsidiaries elsewhere in the world, how many employees are in the organisation and more. The tool then calculates and lists regulations and frameworks within the UK, EU, USA and Canada that the responding organisation will have to comply with, additionally including voluntary frameworks. Frameworks include the TCFD (Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosures), EU CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) as well as the upcoming US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation. It also includes voluntary frameworks from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative).

Navigating the growing volume of Sustainability and other ESG legislation is a challenge for many businesses, particularly those operating in multiple jurisdictions. We have put together this free Sustainability Navigator tool to help companies see what will affect their organisations. Bearing in mind the underlying reasons for these compliance frameworks is an intent to protect people and the environment – our mission is to help them do that in an efficient and effective manner.” – Dr. Richard Tipper, Ecometrica’s Chief Scientific Officer

The tool was built upon the expertise of Ecometrica’s Sustainability Analysts and Experts, in particular Jessica Di Bartolomeo and Michela Tallarico who have specialised knowledge of jurisdictionally specific regulations. They are continuously on the lookout for new up and coming frameworks from regulators across the globe. Their expertise is what powers the tool and ensures that it remains up to date within the constantly evolving reporting landscape. We would also like to thank Palita Timm, Ellis Main, and Squidgy for their help in building the tool.

Try the tool here.

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Date Published: October 25, 2023



Ecometrica announces the launch of its free Sustainability Compliance Navigator tool. The tool aims to help organisations in taking the complexity out of compliance, guiding respondents through a questionnaire that allows them to determine their eligibility for various sustainability regulations and frameworks across the UK, EU, US and Canada. Frameworks covered in the tool include the TCFD, EU CSRD and upcoming US SEC as well as voluntary frameworks such as the CDP and SBTi.


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