UK coalition government announces mandatory carbon reporting

The UK coalition government has formally introduced mandatory carbon reporting, requiring around 1,800 of the UK’s largest listed companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, in Brazil for the Rio +20 Earth Summit, confirmed that long-awaited emission reporting rules would come into effect from April 2013 in his piece for The Guardian.

“Using resources responsibly is in business’s own interests too. Pepsi depends on water, Unilever depends on fish stocks and agricultural land, and every firm relies on a stable fuel supply. But while nine out of 10 chief executives say sustainability is fundamental to their success, only two out of 10 record the resources they consume.

“So the UK will press for governments to come together, working with those companies already blazing a trail, to give “sustainability reporting” a global push. By agreeing common standards and practices we can get many more firms on board.

“And in the UK, from the start of next financial year, all firms listed on the London Stock Exchange will have to report the levels of greenhouse gases they emit.”

Ecometrica’s Ecometrica Sustainability platform is the only environmental accounting solution that accounts for all greenhouse gases, all GHG Protocol scopes, and has all emission and conversion factors for every country. Our existing client lists includes the likes of National Express, the National Magazine Company and RSA – all of whom fall within the 1,800 companies that will need to report their emissions, and who therefore have nothing to worry about as they approach April 2013!

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Date Published: June 20, 2012



The UK coalition government has […]


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