Bringing Clarity To Climate Accounting – S1E2

In episode two of Bringing Clarity to Climate Accounting, host Adrian Smith welcomes Ecometrica’s Chief of Product, Bertrand Revenaz. It’s an extremely insightful and informative discussion covering:

– Why it’s essential to incorporate mapping into your carbon accounting

– Why only using financial metrics can lead to a misleading reporting figure

– What to ask your suppliers to ensure the most accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement for your scope 3

– The importance of audit in GHG accounting

– How to measure climate risk and comply with TCFD

Plus an incredible example on how doing a thorough sustainability analysis led to a huge saving for a well known crisp (chip) manufacturer. It’s an unmissable episode.

Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Date Published: May 23, 2023



This series of interviews is perfect for anyone in Accounts or anyone who is looking to understand more about climate reporting.


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