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15 08, 2012

Nitrogen trifluoride: the new mandatory Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gas

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Big news in the realm of greenhouse gas accounting and reporting, folks: the UNFCCC, within the context of the Kyoto Protocol, has wisely decided to include nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) in the second Kyoto compliance period, which begins this year and ends in either 2017 or 2020. Following suit, the WBCSD/WRI’s GHG Protocol is amending all of its standards (corporate, product and Scope 3) to also cover NF3. Luckily for clients using Ecometrica Sustainability, Ecometrica’s powerful and CDP-accredited greenhouse gas accounting solution, the capacity to measure and report emissions from this new seventh Kyoto gas has already been fully integrated.

27 06, 2012

Calculating the GWP of Refrigerant Gas Mixes

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Global warming potentials (GWPs) are used to convert emission contributions from specific greenhouse gases, such as methane, into units of carbon dioxide equivalent in order to facilitate the comparison of their environmental impact. Each greenhouse gas has its own global warming potential; for example, the GWP of methane is 25 and the GWP of nitrous oxide is 298. The source of the GWP you apply should be in line with that required by the particular standard or scheme you are reporting to, so be sure that you have chosen GWPs that are in compliance with your specific reporting goals.

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