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1 03, 2024

Updates to US Climate Legislation

2024-03-01T12:53:49+00:00March 1, 2024|Insights|

The US climate regulatory landscape has been dynamic and fast-paced in the past month, with significant developments in various states and at the federal level. From potential delays to key California climate legislation due to budget cuts, to New York's consideration of the Climate Corporate Accountability Act mirroring California's efforts, and the impending adoption of greenhouse gas emissions disclosure requirements by the US SEC.

29 11, 2023

Scope 3: Discontinuation of the GHG Protocol tool

2023-11-29T20:54:22+00:00November 29, 2023|Insights|

To make it easier to report GHG emissions across the three scopes, the GHG Protocol created a web-based tool called “Scope 3 Evaluator”, that allowed companies to estimate scope 3 (value chain) emissions and identify focus areas for a relevant and accurate scope 3 inventory. However, as of August 31, 2023, the GHG Protocol discontinued the tool, which had been functioning on decade-old technology.

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