Expert Tips to Streamline the Verification Process

Verification is a key step in the assessment process, providing the dual benefits of increased stakeholder confidence in assessment results and valuable feedback on internal data management & measurement processes.

In recent years, the number of mandatory and voluntary programs requiring or rewarding third-party assurance has increased, and as a result more companies are seeking verification of their organizational GHG assessments. Given the amount of time and resources being spent preparing for, and undergoing, verification, it was apparent that experienced insight into streamlining this process would be of interest and value to organizations seeking assurance.

In a new paper, “Capturing efficiencies by preparing for verification throughout the assessment process”, we’ve applied our significant experience preparing for and leading assurance projects to highlight the potential for streamlining within this resource-intensive process.

The paper categorizes potential efficiencies into three broad stages – scoping, the GHG inventory process and verification itself – and provides numerous strategies and tips within each. Within project scoping, verification criteria and materiality thresholds are discussed, while the importance of metadata and meticulous assumption notation is emphasized during GHG inventory processes. Lastly, the paper emphasizes that companies can capitalize on additional efficiencies through the use of a well-chosen, audit-ready carbon management solution, such as Ecometrica Sustainability.

Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Date Published: November 18, 2014



Verification is a key step […]


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