Mandatory Carbon Reporting: Final Guidance Reveals New Start Date

Apr 2, 2013

Mike PaulDefra have circulated the final guidance that will accompany the Regulations for Mandatory Carbon Reporting. In the draft guidance, the proposed reporting start date was set at 1st October 2013 – however, in the final guidance document this date has been brought forward by one day, to 30th September 2013.

While this may not appear to be a major change, moving the date forward to 30th September will have a significant impact on companies whose reporting year runs from 1st October to 30th September. Under the new date, these companies will have to report a full year earlier than they thought. It also means that these companies are currently halfway through their first reporting year – so if they haven’t started gathering and entering their data, they are already six months behind. What a difference a day makes!

Ecometrica is a global sustainability brand leader, and its Ecometrica Sustainability sustainability management software already produces reports that are fully compliant with Mandatory Carbon Reporting requirements, regardless of what the boundaries of the final regulation turn out to be. It features automated data collection, assistance from dedicated GHG experts, and fully audit-ready outputs that could save you thousands of pounds in pre-audit fees.

If your company operates under an October-September financial year and you need to get up to speed with the new Mandatory Carbon Reporting regulation and guidelines, or for any other companies facing compliance with the requirements, we are available to help.

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