Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting: Ecometrica Response

Sep 10, 2012

Ecometrica has responded to the Defra consultation on Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting for 1,101 London Stock Exchange-listed companies in the UK. The response has been compiled by Ecometrica Chief Executive Officer Dr Richard Tipper, Chief Operating Officer Gary Davis and Senior Analyst Matthew Brander.

Ecometrica welcomes the draft Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013, and the opportunity to provide feedback on their content. The paper contains Ecometrica’s responses to the questions raised in the consultation document, and also a number of additional comments on the draft Regulations. Overall, Ecometrica welcome the fact that the consultation has been published, and would like to congratulate Defra for its succinct and streamlined draft Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations.

To read the full Ecometrica response, please use the link below:

[download id=”52″]

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