The New Mandatory Approach to Scope 2 GHG Reporting

Feb 24, 2015

At the end of January 2015, Ecometrica Client Manager Adam Leaver attended the World Resources Institute (WRI) launch of the new scope 2 guidance for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in London. The WRI and others have been preparing for a revised reporting protocol for the last four years – involving 200 greenhouse gas and sustainability reporting practitioners from 23 countries – that would establish an improved method for reporting scope 2 indirect emissions.

The event was very well attended and offered standing room only for what is an interesting and possibly controversial evolution of organisational greenhouse gas reporting.

As with many reporting requirements, uptake will be prompted by a combination of policy, legislation and non-governmental organisations such as CDP. Indeed, CDP took part in the London launch event and were clear that for future responses (i.e. 2016 onwards) their questionnaires will reflect the requirements of the new protocol.

Use the link below to read Adam’s full report on the impact and implications of the new guidance.

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