The other side of avocado toast

By Felicia Line, Space Program Co-ordinator for Latin America, Ecometrica Avocados have sky rocketed in popularity in recent years, with vegans all over the world preaching their nutritious value in terms of vitamins, minerals and mono-unsaturated (healthy!) fats, resulting in avocado all over the menus of hipster cafes – with some cafes dedicated solely to […]

Turning Satellite Data into Corporate Insights: Interview with Sarah Middlemiss

Ecometrica was a sponsor of Innovation Forum’s recent sustainable landscapes conference. In a follow-up interview, Sarah Middlemiss, Space Programme Manager at Ecometrica, spoke with Ian Welsh about trends in how companies are using satellite and other Earth-monitoring data to counter environmental risks.   What does Ecometrica do? We are what we call a ‘downstream space’ […]

Ecometrica Platform named Environmental Leader Product of the Year for the fourth time

Ecometrica has won the prestigious US Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive year for the Ecometrica Platform, which helps business, governments and society to understand and monitor environmental impacts, and protect the planet’s resources for existing and future generations. The Environmental Leader judges described Ecometrica Platform as a “very solid […]

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