For the first time, satellite data, business information and local intelligence are put directly into the hands of strategic planners and senior management teams – all within a single map.

A diverse business with global operations and land-based assets faces a number of reporting challenges. Management teams need fast access to data that is locked away in departmental silos, inaccessible and unusable. Even with close links to these departments, gathering all the information needed to make quick business decisions is usually impossible

OneMap from Ecometrica takes all the spatial data from within your organisation and displays it in a single, user-friendly interface for you to query, assess and report on. Plus, if you want to take your reporting a step further, we can integrate other earth observation data into your map so that you can make new comparisons, share new insights and broaden your big picture.

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Ecometrica is the only company that combines geospatial mapping and earth observation technology with corporate environmental accounting for a total sustainability picture, all within a platform that can be easily controlled by non-expert users.

By using

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you can:

Unlock previously siloed data and see the big picture for the first time
Enable high speed querying and analysis to get the answers you need, fast
Collaborate and distribute content worldwide to anyone with a web browser
Integrate other earth observation data for new insights and comparisons
Have a go-to resource for all your critical spatial data needs

Current Projects and Insights

Ecometrica Launches Ground-Breaking Earth Observation Technology

Cube+ brings big volumes of satellite data within reach of ordinary servers, aimed at growing £600m EO software market.

Ecometrica Platform Streams Satellite Data to Monitor & Model Drought

Analysis of historic drought shows how OneMap can help assess and model global water risk.

Harness the power of satellite data through high-resolution images, real-time data feeds, interactive maps and collaboration tools

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