Case Study: CSA

Who are CSA?

Founded in 1919, CSA is a not-for-profit standards organization comprised of representatives from industry, government and consumer groups. In addition to certification and testing activities, CSA Group manages the ISO 14000 series of Environmental Management standards on behalf of the Standards Council of `Canada and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

CSA Group has 36 sites in 15 countries, a number of which are testing facilities with unique emission sources. Between 2001 and 2009, CSA underwent a series of organizational changes, including the acquisition of the China-based OnSpex division and the UK-based SIRA sites. From FY2006 to FY2009, CSA conducted their assessments internally using spreadsheets, which required significant time and maintenance each year. As managers of the ISO 14000 series, the assessments needed to be in compliance with both the Corporate GHG Protocol and ISO-14064-1.

CSA’s switch from spreadsheets to Ecometrica saves time, improves analysis and gets assurance from KPMG

What they wanted

CSA Group moved from spreadsheets to the Ecometrica Platform for the FY2010 assessment.

We conducted the FY2010 and FY2011 assessments concurrently, introducing countless efficiencies at the data collection and quality assurance stages. We also uploaded historical data from the FY2009 assessment to maintain consistency in applied factors & methodologies and enhance CSA’s year-over-year analysis. The extensive Ecometrica database of conversion and emission factors easily computed global scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, including testing gases, from all relevant Kyoto GHGs.

How we helped

Since we handled the technical aspects of the assessment process, the team at CSA was able to focus their efforts on project management. Both assessments were successfully verified through the use of the auditor role in CSA’s version of the platform, which gave the team at KPMG access to all factors (including detailed references), calculations, evidence, quality assurance iterations and reports.

We supported CSA through verification to achieve reasonable assurance to the chosen protocol.

Leo Vankeulen

“Ecometrica’s combination of intuitive software and expert analysts allowed us to implement a global environmental reporting platform in a relatively straightforward manner. We completed two years’ worth of global GHG accounts in less than a year and it is now a feature in our annual report.”

Manager, Purchasing & Business Services
CSA Group