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IAMGOLD Case Study

Who are IAMGOLD?

IAMGOLD is an international mining company headquartered in Canada, with gold mines in Canada, Burkina Faso and Suriname. Recently, its strong commitment to corporate responsibility earned the company a place amongst Corporate Knights’ “Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada”, the latest in a series of accolades.

Ecometrica Platform provides IAMGOLD with accurate and comprehensive reporting that meets its business needs

IAMGOLD Case Study

What did they want to achieve?

IAMGOLD has been calculating its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2007. It uses the results to help guide business practices and to report to the CDP, as well as to the Mining Association of Canada’s (MAC) “Towards Sustainable Mining” Protocol. IAMGOLD approached Ecometrica in 2013 as it sought to move away from using spreadsheets and adopt a more efficient, transparent and flexible solution to collect data, calculate emissions, and analyze and report its results for various schemes.

Ecometrica began by uploading the historical 2011 and 2012 GHG assessments onto its online sustainability reporting platform, before performing the subsequent 2013 and 2014 assessments directly within the software.

With all IAMGOLD sites on the same platform, the tool made it simple for the international team to provide data simultaneously, in the language of their choice. At IAMGOLD’s request, monthly tracking of scope 1 and 2 emission sources, and of bespoke Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to moved and treated ore were configured to facilitate the instantaneous identification of emission and intensity levels online each month.

In addition to GHGs, IAMGOLD was able to track its water consumption by source (surface, mine, recycled and ground water), as well as its energy consumption and waste generation.

IAMGOLD Case Study

What did we do?

The Platform’s analytics now allow IAMGOLD to easily compare the emissions associated with, for example, extraction activities, separately from emissions associated with treatment plants or support activities, across sites.

In addition to improved results tracking, IAMGOLD also benefited from the expertise of Ecometrica analysts, who diligently quality-assured their data, provided advice based on MAC’s requirements, and researched new emission factors for unique emission sources, such as ANFO, an explosive

With 5 years of data now on the platform,
IAMGOLD can effectively use dynamic, customizable and shareable graphs and dashboards showing trends by site, emission source, process and KPIs over time, to delve deeper into the data and accurately support strategic decision making and reporting.






“Ecometrica’s combination of expert analysts, support and software allowed us to be truly effective and set up a simple system for input and data management. Our sites use the software monthly for tracking of scope 1 and 2 emission sources, KPIs and also to
create dashboards.”

Annie Blier
Director, Environment,

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