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Since its foundation in 2008 Ecometrica has built software tools to support the broadest environmental impact reporting. From day one this has included the ability to seamlessly offer services to our partners to extend the reach of our expertise and support robust, transparent and auditable reporting.


We partner with traditional and ESG consulting companies to provide them with an end-to-end SaaS solution to help them deliver consultancy support to set net-zero targets.

Experts in Climate Metrics

Ecometrica’s powerful emission factor database and seamless software solution ensures company’s measuring their greenhouse gas emissions (for scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3) can be certain they have the most accurate and transparent reporting metrics, as well as saving countless hours of time spent collating data and compiling reports.

Simple to use, easy to incorporate

We ensure our software solution is intuitive and simple to use as well as being fully comprehensive and includes everything necessary to achieve compliance with the latest legislation.

Ecometrica’s Sustainability Reporting Platform has been in use by value add reseller partners in the UK, Europe and North and South America for over 10 years.

Ecometrica offers a truly tried and tested route to expand our partners ability to deliver best-in-class emission reporting services as efficiently as possible and support wider strategic and advisory work.

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Powerful Emission Factor Database

We concentrate on getting the metrics right. We ensure our emission factor database (one of the largest in the world) is accurate and regularly updated by our in-house Sustainability Analysts. Controls are in place to manage and maintain the emission factor database which is audited annually so Ecometrica’s direct clients, value add partners and their clients can be certain that their reporting metrics are complete and accurate.

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Seamless Integration

Best GHG Accounting Software

Experts in climate metrics since 2008, our Sustainability Platform is designed to be simple to use but powered by a complex and comprehensive emission factor database.


We continually update our software to ensure it is compliant with the latest legislation – all partners’ software will be automatically updated.

Training and

We offer full training to our partners covering all aspects of climate metrics and each partner is given a named Sustainability Analyst.

Looking For A Bespoke Solution?

Get in touch here to have a discussion with our Partnership Manager.

Key Phrases

Emission Factors2023-01-16T20:46:26+00:00

Emission factors are conversion factors applied to activity data to enable the conversion from raw data to estimated GHG emissions. In calculating GHG emissions from a particular source, geographically relevant and up-to-date factors should be sourced, and care must be taken when selecting the factor.

Scope 12023-01-16T21:00:51+00:00

There are three emissions scopes. Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions sources resulting from company owned machinery, facilities, and vehicles; reporting of all scope 1 emissions is mandatory under the WBCSD/WRI protocol

Scope 22023-01-12T12:15:06+00:00

There are three emissions scopes. Scope 2 indirect emissions sources are associated with the generation of electricity, heat, steam and/or cooling; reporting of all scope 2 emissions is mandatory under the WBCSD/WRI protocol

Scope 32023-01-16T21:00:21+00:00

There are three emissions scopes. Scope 3 are indirect emissions which result from all other activities and sources not covered in scope 2. This includes business travel, commuting, waste, and 3rd party deliveries; reporting of all scope 3 emissions is typically not mandatory.

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