Is there something missing from our module suite? No problem. We’ll build it for you.
Ecometrica Advanced

On many occasions, working with Ecometrica has caused our clients to ask us questions. Now that we’ve got our KPIs under control, what else can we do? Is there more we could be monitoring, or impacts that we might not know about? Alternatively, some customers have started out small and want to grow their reporting. They want to know if there’s anything we can do to help.

Bespoke Module

If you need a module, we'll build you a module

We’ve done impact assessments for everything from babies, weddings, funerals and cremations to rock concerts, major Hollywood blockbuster films, international events and COPs. We can do all this because we have real people working on your account every day, and they want to help you.

We have created bespoke modules for many different customers and purposes, including:

Associated British Foods – measurement of emissions for bagasse and waste incineration
Securitas – life cycle carbon intensity assessment of staff uniforms
Petkim – custom emission factors taking account of the hydrogen content in syngases so they did not overstate GHG emissions by millions of tonnes
Network Rail – still use “chains” as a unit of measurement, so we added it to their assessment
A tour company wanted to account for the emissions released by their fleet of three-wheeled cars



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