Every Ecometrica client is given a named expert industry analyst to help set up, support and complete their assessments.

Unrivalled Analyst Support with the Ecometrica Platform

Our vision of an enterprise software solution differs from the industry norm, where clients are sold expensive pieces of software and lengthy implementation processes, but are then left to fend for themselves or spend more money on consultants to finish their assessments for them.

Instead, we believe that our clients should be spared as much detail and complexity as possible through a combination of excellent web-based software and industry-leading expert support, leaving you to get on with collecting the best data from your organisation and acting on the results of your assessment.

This is how we do it:

Boundary Setting
System Setup
Historical Data Upload
Training & Capacity Building
Manage Data Collection
Quality Assurance
Assistance with Auditors
Communicating Results

Head of UK Sustainability Analysts

Bertil Abbing

Bertil Abbing is a greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting specialist with over 4 years of experience in the sustainability sector and an MSc in Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy and Management from Utrecht University.

As Head of the UK Sustainability Analyst team at Ecometrica, Bertil is directly involved in the development of the Ecometrica Platform’s Sustainability modules, and has worked with a number of large private sector organisations including Pearson, RSA, ARM, National Express, Aggreko and Compass Group.

Bertil and his team provide our European customers with full client support, CDP reporting guidance, science-based target setting and advanced methodologies for reporting of scope 3 and Market-Based Instrument emissions. The UK Analyst team are also responsible for maintaining our Emission Factor Database, which powers all the Ecometrica Platform’s Sustainability modules.

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