Helping the environment goes beyond measuring carbon emissions. Track your charity work for CSR reporting.
Ecometrica Sustainability

Ecometrica’s Donations module enables you to track your charitable donations and volunteering time as standard, with other options available as required. This can be added to your overall environmental and CSR reporting to build a complete corporate sustainability picture.

Donations Module

Don’t invest time and money in a glorified spreadsheet

Go beyond emissions accounting and get into resource monitoring – account for your staff’s net worth to the 3rd sector as part of a total sustainability management programme.

We work with RSA to track the value of their donations to charitable organisations, as well as the volunteering hours that their staff have undertaken, including costs to the company in terms of time and salary. This works similarly to tracking staff project hours in financial accounting software, and contributes to their CSR reporting.
Log time donated to charity work by your staff and associated costs
Track your charitable donations to various sources to add to a complete EHS picture
Monitor your resources using custom dashboards
Display your reports on a company intranet with live updates
Download audit-ready files for inclusion in your EHS or CSR reports

No other platform can make all these claims, so don't settle for less

Our Sustainability modules are the starting point for any businesses that simply wants to do better.

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