EHS goes beyond incident logging and compliance. It’s complex risk management.
Ecometrica Sustainability

Environment, Health & Safety, or EHS, is a key component of most corporate strategy. Compliance with regulatory requirements is a given, so having a system that manages risk to your staff and business, and fully integrates with your other sustainability apps, is a standard requirement.

EHS Module

Don’t invest time and money in a glorified spreadsheet

Much like our other modules, our EHS module can stand alone for you to enter data into, or is available as part of an integrated service, both with the other modules in the Ecometrica platform or as an API that can push and pull data from your existing systems.

Data can be entered manually or collected from spreadsheets and meters
Log incidents and monitor them across your global business units
Dashboards that build up as you go so you can make positive changes right away
Downloadable reports that comply with established standards
Fully audit-ready outputs as standard
API allows data management from a central location
An expert analyst team by your side

No other platform can make all these claims, so don't settle for less

Our Sustainability modules are the starting point for any businesses that wants to be better.

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