Moving towards a paperless office reduces not only your costs, but your environmental impacts.
Ecometrica Sustainability

Businesses and organisations have moved towards making the tracking, management and control of paper consumption a key component of their sustainability strategies. This is not only out of care for the environment – moving towards a paperless environment saves money, improves connectivity and productivity, saves space, increases security and reduces risk.

Paper Module

Don’t invest time and money in a glorified spreadsheet

Using our Paper module you can easily track your paper consumption by weight, either at point of purchase or when you dispose of it.

We help RSA to manage their paper use as part of a total sustainability management strategy, and a move towards a paperless environment. We can do the same for you.
Calculations engine will choose correct emission factors and perform your calculations
Create custom reporting dashboards for analysis and follow-up
Display maps that show which global offices consume the most paper
Set targets to reduce paper consumption over time.

No other platform can make all these claims, so don't settle for less

Our Sustainability modules are the starting point for any businesses that simply wants to do better.

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